10 Different 25x18 mm Flower Cameos, Great Colors & Styles, Very Nice

Item # 10 Different 25x18 Flowers
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You are buying 10 different 25 mm x 18 mm resin Flower Cameos. These include Roses, Hibiscus, & Vintage Japanese Flowers. These will make any project you are starting or one you need to finish look amazing. I have lots of settings in several colors and styles that these will look fantastic in. All of these are all offered in groups of 6 of each Color. Starting on the top row left to right is the cream colored flower item #360477037985, the pink over black darker rose is item #, the aqua flower is item #360477037887, the blue over white hibiscus item #360471676524, the purple flower is item #360471676526, second row is a pink over black blooming rose item #110911242388, red over cream hibiscus item #360471675944, black over orange item #110911242388, the red flower is item #360471676521, and the last is a lighter colored pink over black rose item #110934055964. I have a lot of these that are available in 40x30 and 18x13 mm. The next to last picture is a group of 4 colors of really detailed Japanese flowers item #360471675988, sold separately. The last picture is a group of 12 different 40x30 mm gorgeous flower cameos that I offer item #110911248686, also sold separately.

Price: $5.00