12 Colors of 18" Barrel Clasp Necklaces, Nice

Item # 13 Colors of 18" Neckwires
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You are buying 12 different Colors of 18" (inch) Vinyl Coated with a screw together Barrel Clasp Necklaces. These will let you have a different color necklace for every pendant or occasion. The ends are only 2 mm in diameter (as seen in the picture) which makes these fit or go through almost any pendant or bail. These are fantastic in that you will know your pendant or special piece (Family Heirloom) is not going to slide off & be lost or broken because of the secure way the screw barrel clasp engages. These are made of strands of rhodium (steel) wire that are coated with a vinyl sheath. You will receive one White item #757755034204, one Red item #419556784489, one Blue item #092716134647, one Black item #570636168146, one Brown item #815729949425, one Silver item #749363825351, one Pink item #586110743947, one Carnelian item #591161216529, one Purple item #719863535869, one Burgundy item #649440593352, one Gold item #144406673459, and one Violet Purple item #380361770107. I have lots of Great Bails, Bracelets, Cameos, Chains, Connectors, Jump Rings, Lockets, Pendants, Pins, Rings & Settings so, just look at all my listings. I also offer 2 colors similar to this (White/Silver) item #360958546644 & (Black) in 20", item #854546536481.

Price: $6.50