4 of 25x18 mm Silver Lacy Oval Pendant Settings, Very Nice

Item # 110911248591
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You are buying 4 of 25 mm x 18 mm Shiny Silver Plated Lacy Oval Pendant Settings. The pendant comes down from the top into a gorgeous woven pattern that flares out from where the cameos or cabochons, or glass will be set and will accent anything you put in it. These have never been used. These are exactly made for 25 mm x 18 mm, no other size will fit. Everything is solidly made from the setting to the pendant bail. These are Glue in settings and are very sturdy. These are sturdier than the other ones you will find that look exactly like this, I had these made. They have a gorgeous Victorian look to them and I believe these are the prettiest ones. I have lots of Great Bails, Bracelets, Cameos, Chains, Connectors, Jump Rings, Lockets, Pendants, Pins, Rings & Settings so, just look at all my listings. I have these in 3 other Colors & in a group of 4 Colors as shown in the last picture item #111371045806, sold separately. I also have these in 40x30 mm in this Color item #111371045806 and in a group of 4 Colors item #111392559827.

Price: $3.50