4 Colors of 40x30 mm Glass Women Portrait Cameos, Vibrant Colors, Very Nice

Item # 4 Colors of Glass Women with Hats Cameos
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You are buying 4 different 40 mm x 30 mm Glass Old fashion looking Cameos. These are all fantastic. Each one is unique in its own way. What you see is what you will receive. These will make any project you need to start or finish even better. Each one of these four beauties will look so different & unique in every way as these are made to look like the Cameos of old. The depths & details of these is Unbelievable. These are also all listed individually, starting on the top row left to right is the Victorian black shawl woman item #361170958593, the lace hat lady item #361170976472, bottom row left is the big floral hat lady item #360471679682, and the fan lady is item #111563276237. I have lots of Great Bails, Bracelets, Cameos, Chains, Connectors, Jump Rings, Lockets, Pendants, Pins, Rings & Settings so, just look at all my listings. I also have a different set of 4 Women with Hats item #111372093231 as shown in the next to last picture, sold separately & a set of 10 different Glass Cameos with all different women as shown in the last picture item #110911242391, sold separately. Plus, I have 25x18 mm Glass Cameos & the Clear Glass Domes in 40x30 & 25x18 if you want to make your own.

Price: $4.00