7 Colors of 30 mm Round Classic Ponytail Cameos, Very Nice

Item # 7 Colors of 30 mm Round Ponytail
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You are buying 7 different Colors of 30 mm Round Classic Lady with Ponytail Cameos. They are very detailed and very 3-D looking, as she is sticking away from the background. The molding process of these are just great, no flaws. I have several different settings these will fit in. They look very detailed for their size. I have lots of Great Bails, Bracelets, Cameos, Chains, Connectors, Jump Rings, Lockets, Pendants, Pins, Rings & Settings so, just look at all my listings. All of these are offered in groups of 6 of each color. Starting on the top row left to right is the white over red item #316449927079, white over peach item #110930805535, white over pink item #519391919784, white over dark red item #360471675914, bottom row is white over gray & black item #110911242493, white over green item #110930805587, and the white over purple is item #360471675997. I have several styles and colors of 30 mm round settings these fit into just fine so give them a look.

Price: $3.00