8 Colors of 40x30 mm Virgin Mary, Madonna Religious Cameos, Very Nice

Item # 111126962531
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You are buying 8 different Colors of 40 mm x 30 mm Virgin Mary & Lady of Guadalupe (Madonna) Cameos. These are so gorgeous, these are of the Virgin Mary Portrait & the Lady of Guadalupe or Madonna, in 8 color schemes. Exactly what you see is what you will receive. The details are very sharp and stand away from the background, giving them all a 3-D effect. The molding process of these are just great, no flaws. These are all pretty fabulous. These all measure 40 mm x 30 mm. I have lots of Great Bails, Bracelets, Cameos, Chains, Connectors, Jump Rings, Lockets, Pendants, Pins, Rings & Settings so, just look at all my listings. All of these are offered in groups of 4 of each Color. Starting on the top row left to right is the white over dark blue item #110930807378, white over baby blue background item #360471676506, white over black item #111634314287, and the cream over dark blue is item #361211097350. Bottom row is the white over aqua blue lady of Guadalupe item #110926223337, cream over black is item #110911242402, the white over purple is item #360475439715 and the white over black is item #110911244730. I have lots of other cameos with a religious theme so give them all a look.

Price: $5.75